Mama's Maggot Wigs!

Juniors beware!

Elders, are you ready to SHINE?

Juniors, back off! Elders are about to take over the world! Introducing Mama's new product; the Maggot Wig! No more annoying hair dye that you need to put in your hair every few months, or messy, embarrassing wigs! With the Maggot Wig, not only does it make any ordinary senior get all of the attention and instantly make you hip and cool, it will transform your hair into a beautiful blonde, and as the maggots turn into flies, your hair will turn black! A 2-in-one revolutionary wig! Generations of maggots and flies will pass on, so there is no need to ever buy another. Best of all, the maggots are unnoticeable, and will instantly make you younger! Did you know that 9 out of 10 people in their 60s and older had gray hair, before the Maggot Wig? Now, 70% of elders bought the Maggot Wig, and only 2 out of 10 people still have gray hair. Hurry up and get one now, flies and maggots are becoming endangered, and the demand is only growing higher! Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity!

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A Sneak peek of the interview with Madonna

Interviewer: So, Madonna. You have seemed to gain a lot of controversy after buying the brand new Maggot Wig. What made you buy it?

Madonna: (laughs) I'm not sure, it just seemed like a cool thing to wear. After all, I love the wig. My hair has been turning slightly gray, honestly. I don't need to worry about that anymore.

Interviewer: How can the wig be a substitute for real hair, though? Don't you have to take it off occasionally?

Madonna: Nope. This new wig is built to be worn everywhere, actually. I haven't taken it off since I bought it; I bring it in the shower, my bed, and even my live performances.

Interviewer: Okay, I get it now. Does it ever gross you out that it's made of maggots?

Madonna: At first, yes, admittedly. But once you've worn it for a few hours, you realize how great of a wig they make. What's even cooler is that when the maggots mature, they turn into flies and your wig will turn black! Those flies will lay eggs and eventually die, and your hair is back to blonde!

Interviewer: That's interesting! Do you encourage your fans to buy one?

Madonna: Absolutely! Even if they aren't my friend! Mama's Maggot Wig is a trustworthy source, and makes absolutely no exaggerations when advertising the maggot wig.

Interviewer: All right! That was great, Madonna. Thank you for informing us. It was nice having you, bye!

Madonna: See you! Nice meeting you too.