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Chatfield Student and Parent Update

The City of Chatfield is currently seeking high school students to serve as non-voting members of several City commissions. This is a terrific opportunity for students to participate in meaningful leadership. Despite being non-voting members, the students will be active partners in commission meetings and discussions. This level of engagement will provide student members to see first-hand how local government operates.

The various commissions that are seeking students work in a wide range of governmental areas. Students interested in any number of careers would greatly benefit by participating. I have included more information further down in this newsletter.

Go, Gophers!

Eric Nelson

Principal, Chatfield High School

Chatfield One-Act Play to Perform at Potter

The Chatfield High School One-Act Play will present its 2023 play on Friday, January 26th at Potter Auditorium. Admission to the 7:00 pm show is free.

The comedy/drama performance of Relative Strangers features a story of two plane passengers that travel solo and a flight attendant that begin to make surprising connections.

Please join our student cast and crew for this fun event.

Aletta Strande Selected as Chatfield Athena Award Winner

Aletta Strande (12) has been selected as the 2023 Chatfield HS Athena Award recipient. This recognition, sponsored by the St. Paul Athena Awards, is given to the top women's athlete from each of the member schools. Aletta was selected by the Chatfield HS women's varsity head coaches from a field of excellent candidates.

Aletta has demonstrated excellence as an athlete throughout her career at Chatfield High School. Aletta has many all conference recognitions across cross country, dance, and track. She represented Chatfield in the MSHSL Cross Country State Championships on two occasions.

In addition to athletics, Aletta is a top student and has been highly recognized in speech, choir, band, and theater.

Aletta will be formally recognized at the St. Paul Athena Awards Banquet in April.

Student Leadership Opportunity with the City of Chatfield


The City of Chatfield is seeking student representatives for positions on a number of local commissions. Student commissioners will fill a role largely comparable to adult commissioners, with the exception of voting status. Specific responsibilities and roles for the students will be determined by the individual commissions and the students’ interests and skills.


Students voluntarily serving on these commissions will serve terms of approximately 16-months. Thus, the ideal candidates for these positions are current 10th and 11th grade students.

Desirable characteristics:

Students should have a desire to serve their community. Other characteristics that will promote a successful experience include:

  • responsibility;

  • open-mindedness;

  • ability to participate in discussions in a public setting; and

  • commitment to continuous learning.

Learning and experiences:

These positions provide a wonderful learning opportunity for students interested in careers in local government and public service, history, education, development and building trades, real estate, business, geography, law, technology, broadcasting, and countless other fields.

Commissions seeking student representatives:

  • Cable Television Access Board

  • City Charter Commission

  • Economic Development Authority

  • Heritage Preservation Commission

  • Library Board of Trustees

  • City Council

  • Planning & Zoning Commission

Apply or more information:

See Eric Nelson if interested. Qualified applicants will be considered and scheduled for an interview hosted by the various commission chairs.

Student Profile- Kyra Throckmorton

I had the opportunity to ask questions of Kyra Throckmorton (12) after the Chatfield Dance Team's performance at the conference meet. Kyra is another Gopher scholar, musician, and athlete that brings so much to our school community.

Q- The Chatfield Dance Team just finished in 2nd Place in the High Kick competition at the Three Rivers Conference competition. This is the best result in the team's history. What do you think is unique about this team?

A- There are so many unique qualities about this team. First we have 20 dancers total and 16 of that is made up of juniors and seniors (8 each). This makes us one of the biggest teams in our section. The Chatfield Dance team is also one of the newest programs at Chatfield, but it grew fast. The amount of work and love that each dancer has for the sport is very special. Each person loves dance in their own way and it shows at practice and out on the dance floor when we compete. We are all dedicated and we focus on team goals and work together to achieve them. This team also has a very strong bond. We all get along extremely well and work well with each other. It’s definitely going to be hard leaving the Chatfield Dance Team.

Q- You have the Section meet coming up in Lake City on February 11th. What will your team be focusing on in preparation?

A- Our team will be focusing on our precision throughout our routines. There are some very strong teams in our section so we will be making changes to the routines and making sure every move hits together. We will also be focusing on what Coach Brenda always says, “focus on yourself, and not others. You can only control what we do as a team not what other teams do.” She really helps us get through all the hard days and always keeps us in the positive mindset. No matter what, as long as we do our absolute best and have fun the placement doesn’t matter. Even though it’s nice to place, it doesn’t matter if we didn’t have fun!

Q- This year's team is filled with seniors like you. How have the veterans worked to prepare next year's leaders?

A- The great thing about these dancers is that they are all fantastic leaders already. The juniors will have a big senior group next season like this year’s seniors. Every one of them are very passionate about dance and they will all be strong leaders. As seniors this year we are making sure to recognize the positives in every situation, and that hard work really does pay off. This team has been going to the weight room twice a week to get stronger and it shows. Another is to cherish every moment, this season has been amazing and the seniors this year will have many great memories to look back on all because of how fun this team is. In my opinion this has been the best season yet!

Course Selection Process for 2023-24 Coming Soon

In the next few weeks the students in grades 6-11 will begin their preparations for next school year by selecting their courses. Registration is a critical process that allows the school to identify staffing needs and prepare schedules that meet the requests of our students.

The high school registration process will take place in the days following grade-level meetings held during Access Time (grade levels reflect current grade):

  • 8th graders February 6 and 7
  • 9th graders February 9 and 10
  • 10th graders January 30 and 31
  • 11th graders February 2 and 3

Teachers will be presenting information about course options at these morning meetings.

Questions about the best placement in courses should be asked of a student's current instructor in that course area. Students with IEPs should consult discuss their course selections with their case managers prior to registration.

The middle school registration process will be shared in an upcoming email to current 6th and 7th grade parents.

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2022-23 Daily Schedule

The daily schedule for M, T, Th, and F is found below. The Wednesday schedule will look almost identical but will replace the Access Time with a late start.
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About Chatfield High School

Chatfield High School is an incredible place for all students to learn and grow. CHS has enjoyed a long-standing reputation of excellence that is built on high expectations for our students and staff. It is our mission to create a caring and supportive environment where each student is inspired every day. We can do this best by knowing them as learners and individuals, recognizing their skills and motivations, and pushing them to excel. At CHS, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning while exploring their interests and finding their passions.

The Chatfield Gophers are the reigning MSHSL champions in Softball.

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