by: Donita K. Pual


My book, "Dragonspell" is about an o'rant girl named Kale, who lived on the island country of Amara. Kale was a slave in the village of River Away, until she was called, by a man named Paladin, to journey across the land to recover a dragon egg from the evil wizard Risto. Along the way, Kale met many friends including, a Doneel named Dar, an emerlindian named Leetu, a wizard named Fenworth, and even a dragon named Celisse. Across many terrains and through many dangers, the ever-growing group of travelers journeyed far and wide fighting evil and saving the day. At one point the gang even infiltrated the castle of Risto himself to save Leetu who had been captured. After many weeks of questing, the group finally came upon the end of the line. Their travels led them to the mountain of Tourbanaut to reclaim the dragon egg from Risto. By the end of the story the group of travelers had won. Risto had been defeated, but not destroyed. Kale was now able to spend her life living away from captivity.



At he beginning of the story, Kale was a slave in the village of River Away, which was in the country of Amara. When Kale found a dragon egg in a local stream, her life changed dramatically as she was thrown into an adventure that took her through many dangers. Through the course of the journey, Kale discovered that she had courage to do things that she never thought that she could to do. She was able to persevere through a hard and difficult path across the entirety of Amara.


Dar is a doneel who met Kale as she traveled to The Hall to begin her quest. Dar is the life of the adventure and very musical. He brought many instruments along with him on the journey and plays them whenever he has his chance. Although the adventure is very rough and dangerous, Dar always dressed his best, wearing his nicest clothes to the least of nice places.


Leetu is an emerlindian who met Kale along with Dar at the beginning of the story. Leetu loves to read, taking out a book whenever there is a pause in their journey. Like Dar, Leetu is experienced in fighting, both of them being warriors. Leetu is a “mindspeaker” similar to Kale, she can read the minds of other creatures. Deep into the book, Leetu is imprisoned in an evil tyrant's castle and tortured into a long unconsciousness excluding her for a short time from the main action. In the end she is cured by a wizard and once again becomes a emerlindian to be reckoned with.

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"Paladin has urgent need of your skill. Tha is why you must turn aside and leave going to The Hall until later" (Paul 25). This quote, in the novel Dragonspell, tells of the great need of Kale delaying her expedition to The Hall to go on a quest that Paladin has layed out for her. The quote is significant to the story because it commences the journey that Kale must complete during the course of the book. The quest set into motion the plotline of the entire novel. Had Kale not gone on the quest, he book would be lacking the entire story.


One theme in the book Dragonspell is courage. The book is strongly based on adventure. Most characters are involved in major conflict and phisical hardships, they need to be strong and couragous to pull through. The main character, Kale Allerion, grows up as a slave in a small vilage, so she was not prepared when she was suddenly swept up in an epic adventure to adjourn her peaceful life as a lowly servant. During many hardships Kale was needed to fortify her courage and break away from her quiet mediocre personality to subjugate the treacherous struggle ahead of her.