Mosquitos/ Hepatits Lab

By: Landon, Max, and Gio

Problem Question: Can Mosquitos Transmit Hepatits Between Primates?


If the mosquitos bite the disease, then bite the disease free monkeys, the disease free monkey will get the disease.

Independent Variable:

The mosquitos infected or carrying blood.

Dependent Variable:

Number of primates that were bitten by the mosquitos.

Controlled variables:

The habitat, number of primates, and number of mosquitos.

Floor Plan:

Big image

Materials List:

  • 12 Capuchin Monkeys
  • 4 Cages
  • 1 Helicopter
  • 6 Hepatits Shots
  • 50 Workers
  • 30 Mosquitos
  • 15 Tranquilizer guns/darts
  • 15 Scientists
  • 15 protective suits
  • 30 cameras


Inconclusive, because we were not clear enough on our procedures and one of our scientists (the one that tested the monkeys) used the same syringe for each monkey. Not only did it infect some of the others but it messed up our whole test/ experiments.


We need to add a syringe for each monkey.