Vote For The Columbian Exchange!!!

By: Joel Bourgeois

What is the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange is the trade system between America and Europe. It is named

the Columbian Exchange because Christopher Columbus led it. It opened up a world of

difference for Europe because they got to get so much stuff that they didn't know about.

Why you should vote for the Columbian Exchange!!!

1 First reason is because of the food introduced. The foods introduced were : Chocolate,

peanuts, bananas, and potatoes.

2 The second reason is the animals introduced. The animals introduced were: Horses,

pigs, chickens, and llamas

3 The third reasons is sea route to America. A lot of cruises today use the same sea route to Europe today.

Why you should not vote for the Columbian Exchange!!!

1. The potatoes the Americans were giving the Europeans were poisoned. This killed

over 1 million Europeans.

2. Christopher Columbus brought slaves to America from Africa. That started slavery

in the new world.

3. The last effect was a disease brought by the Europeans that killed the Native

Americans. The disease could not be cured.