Can You Shatter Glass With Soundwaves?


I dont think so because, i think that any kind of soud can affect glass, and i think that "low" sound and "high" soud affect exactly the same to glass.

Backgroud research

i have been looking information about it, and i have foud out that some types of glass can be able to break when you apply sound higher to 20.000 hz
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I'm gonna usa a mobile phone app that produces sounds and a speaker to produce the sound louder, then a glass and thats all I'll produce the sound at diferents frequencies, until the glass breaks



Sincerely I've mad almost 8 attempts of one our each and I deffinetly could not shatter the glass in al of those attempts, I've tried:

-one our at 20000 Hz

-one our at 15000 Hz

-one our at 10000 Hz

-one our at 5000 Hz

-one our at 2500 Hz

-one our at 500 Hz

And in anny of those attemps I got what I was looking for, on the internet I found out that the glass might broke between 2500 Hz and 500 Hz and I got impressed because I already tried that chance, so I also found a project on internet and it said that a glass might shatter in less than a minute in that sintony.

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I didn't really took a conclusion in that experiment because I "failed" if I took lets say that next time I'll need better materials to work with