Science Assessment

NASA Mar's exploration rover and Christiaan Huygens

NASA Mars exploration rovers-post 1900's

June 10th 2003 Spirit was launched and landed on 4th January 2004

Oppotunity was lanched on July 7th 2003 and landed on June 25th 2004

Spirit and Oppotunity both travelled to the planet Mars by NASA to solve the mystery of there once being water on Mars. They were originally designed for a 90's solo mission. The rovers were both posted on opposite sides of mars to cover more ground. Both rovers were part of NASAs mars exploration program.

Technolog that was used

Pan-cam-to determine the mineralogy texture and structure

miricroscofic imager-it is used for collecting closer images of soil and rocks

Magnets-used to collect and analyse magnetic particles

particle x-ray spectrometer-analyses chemical composition of lunar soil

contibution to our knowledge

While the rovers where on mars they found many different rocks containing traces of liquid and took photos and statistics which were later then sent to NASA where they would closely study the photos and statistics.

Christiaan Huygens

Christiaan Huygens-Pre 1900's

In 1647 Together with his brother Constantijn, Christiaan applied himself to the manufacture of telescopes, and soon after developed a theory of the telescope. Huygens discovered the law of refraction to derive the focal distance of lenses. He also realised how to optimise his telescopes by using a new way of grinding and polishing the lenses.In 1655, he pointed one of his new telescopes towards Saturn with the intention of studying its rings. But he was very surprised to see that, besides the rings, the planet also had a large moon, now known as Titan.

Interested in the measurement of time, Huygens discovered the pendulum could be a regulator of clocks. He became one of the founding members of the Acadèmie Royale des Sciences in 1666, publishing his work Horologium Oscillatorium In 1673. He later died in 1695.

Technology Used

Telescope-To closely study the planets and stars

Contribution to our knowledge

Christiaan Huygens has contributed to our knowledge about Saturn he discovered Saturn's rings and moon titan. He also invented the pendulum clock. Christiaan also improved the invention of the telescope meaning Astronomers and scientist could study the our universe much better.