School Store Code of Ethics

By: Kyle Broadnax

Code of Ethics

Cash handling procedures- When going to the safe, be sure you took the right amount of money.

Employee Theft- If aware of employees stealing, report to teacher or head of store.

Keep the store clean- If it is your duty to clean make sure you carry out to the full what is supposed to be cleaned.

Not lying about prices- Make clear the price of all items in the store and tell the truth about it.

Accounting Procedures- Not falsifying the accounting reports for the day or week.

Selling Damaged Merchandise- Sell only the best from the store not damaged, torn, or opened merchandise.

Be dependable- Your classmates and group mates should be able to rely on you for help.

Receiving shipments- Check shipments thoroughly to ensure all items bought are received.

No discrimination- Do not discriminate on the race, age, or gender of shoppers.

Be transparent- Have nothing to hide money, product, or quality wise.

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