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eNewsletter - January 2015


4th Deaf Christmas Business Show 2014

Once again, TERRA Consultancy achieved success during our 4th annual Christmas Business Show. We had several entertaining speakers who outlined their individual experiences as a Deaf person starting up in the world of business. This was complimented by a talk on business procedure which aimed at giving practical and realistic advice to Deaf people wishing to set up their own business. Check out for news at https://planetdeafantastic.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/deaf-christmast-business-show-2014-sat-6th-december-2014-highlights/

Terra 2014 Highlights

The past year had seen the TERRA Consultancy making great strides in improving Deaf access to interpreting services. We are particularly proud of our ability to provide communication support at the last minute and, of course, for longer ongoing bookings. TERRA was also involved in improving international Deaf relations by publicising the ‘Miss and Master Deaf International’ events, which offer opportunities for young Deaf people. On the homefront, TERRA provided interpretation and essential information about the imminent changes to the benefits system and how this might affect Deaf recipients. Additionally, TERRA was involved, with the Jury Service, in improving Deaf awareness and tights in the employment arena. To make an enquiry or book interpreter http://www.consult-terra.com/index.php/contacts


TERRA Consultancy is proud to announce that we are providing a British Sign Language (BSL) Level One course especially for health professionals. The course, one day a week over seven sessions, will introduce those in the medical field to basic BSL signs in health related topics: introductions, greetings, medical terminology and basic treatment. During a final session learners will have the opportunity to be assessed and gain certification.


Should your organisation (ie. hospital, health clinic etc) require us to design and deliver a BSL Level One course for your healthcare professionals -

Do not hesitate to contact us on:

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Terra Consultancy is the aspiring leader in professional communication services specialising in British Sign Language (BSL) for Deaf people. We pride ourselves in offering a top quality BSL interpreting service, BSL training as well as BSL business and legal consultancy, advice and advocacy. In addition, we provide translation service in many fields for a great variety of spoken languages.


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A service for disadvantaged and disabled people including children to stop abuse.


  • Welfare support
  • Advice & information (with an interpreter)
  • Relief for people suffering distress and hardship from abuse
  • Training
  • Advocacy & advice
  • Counselling
  • BSL Interpreter for all services

Contact Details:

Website: www.vivaspro.org.uk

E-mail: info@vivaspro.org.uk

Mobile: 07834728194