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Before the unification Italy was divided into four kingdoms. The Kingdom of Sardinia, Lombardy-Venetia, the Papal States, and the Kingdom of Naples. Camillo de Cavour became prime minister of Italy in 1854. He sought out to unify Italy by ridding them of Austria. In 1859 Austria declared war on Sardinia. Later Cavour persuaded Giuseppe Garibaldi to invade Sicily and Naples to defeat the Bourbon forces. These wars inspired people throughout the Italian states to want to unite.
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Important Leaders

Giuseppe Mazzini- nationalist leader who founded Young Italy, helped set up a Revolutionary republic in Rome, but defeated by French forces

Victor Emmanuel II- constitutional monarch of the kingdom of Sardinia, hoping to join the states and gain more power, made Count Camillo Cavour his prime minister, eventual king of Italy

Giuseppe Garibaldi- nationalist leader who led a force of 1,000 "Red-Shirts" and took control of Siciliy and Naples

Military Conflicts

  • First Italian War of Independence
  • Second Italian War of Independence
  • Third Italian War of Independence


Italy was unified in 1860. Once Italy was unified there were still high tensions between the north and south. There were also tensions between the church and state which remained icey for years.


Who was the prime minister that pushed to unify Italy?

What year was Italy unified?

Who was Manzzini?

Personal Commentary

Although Italy eventually became unified, the fight was long and the way it was accomplished wasn't the best. Italy became one nation through war and domination. Because of this, tension arose between the north and south.