Chemical Reaction Project

By: Yaretsi Valdivia

Boo Bubbles Ice Science

In this Boo Bubbles reaction you can see how these bubbles are form and how they do not pop once they drop. Unfortunately I believe that this reaction/experiment does not have a balanced equation. Although it is a reaction because in order for it to be a reaction it has to be heated up, change color, or make bubbles. Now as you can see this experiment is all about bubbles so it is a reaction.
Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Science - Sick Science! #111

Iron and Sulfur Reaction

In this reaction we see the mixture of Iron and Sulfur and what happens when they are heated up. The Balanced equation for this is Na+S --> NaS I know a chemical reaction occurred because chemical reactions happens is it changes color, its heated up, etc. As you can see in this video Iron and Sulfur are being heated so therefore, this is a chemical reaction.
Reaction of iron with sulfur

Sodium Chloride

This reaction of Sodium Chlorine you see the chemical reaction between both of these elements. Also you see that when you add sodium to water it turns on fire. Your probably asking yourself why. Well when these two elements are bonded together it creates a big bond that makes the new substance that is called Sodium Chloride. The balanced equation for these two elements is Na + Cl --> NaCl I know this is a chemical reaction because for it to be a chemical reaction it has to make bubbles, change color, be heated, etc. As you can see these to elements together make a fire which makes it a chemical reaction.
Bill Nye the Science Guy®: Chemical Reactions - Video