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This book is about 7th graders named Jonah and Katherine in the present day. They go on a lot of different missions in time to save the past because of other bad time travelers that messed it up. In this mission, they go to 1918 in Russia, during the Russian Revolution, and the end of World War 1. Jonah, Katherine, and other time-traveling kids must saved the Russian tsar and his family from being shot.


Jonah- Main character. 13 years old, and in 7th grade. He's been on a lot of time travel missions.

Katherine- 11 year old girl. She is Jonah's sister. She went on missions in time

Daniella- 13 year old girl from Michigan. In original time, she is Anastasia Romanov.

Gavin- 12 years old. Book doesn't say where he's from. He is Alexei Romanov in original time.

JB- JB is a time agent from the future. He protects criminals from messing with time and damaging it.

The Beginning

In the beginning of the book, Daniella knocks on Jonah's door and they go outside, but Gavin, who made a deal to go with Gary and Hodge to the future with everyone else, captures Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and Katherine and take them to future. But Gary and Hodge lied, and they actually took them to 1918, only days before the shooting of the Romanov family.

In 1918

When they land in 1918, they are captured by Soviet soldiers and brought to a nearby house. Katherine, Jonah, and Chip are thrown in a cellar. Gavin (Alexei) and Daniella (Anastasia), are recognized and then brought to their quarters, in there alternative house in which they live under security of Soviet soldiers. They escape the cellar and investigate the Romanov's house. After planning out how to rescue the Romanov family from being executed, they finally rescue Anastasia (Daniella), Alexei (Gavin), Maria Romanov, and Alexei's friend.
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Romanov Family