Sahil's Bucket List


#1- Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier is located of the coast of Queensland, Australia. Physical erosion made it with running water. the pounding water made all the coral at the bottom. I would like to go there with my friends.

#2- Dubai Skydiving

Dubai Skydiving is located in Dubai. Water slowly erodes away the sand, which is physical erosion. Also it makes the sand very soft and not hard if you fall in it. I would go there with my family.
Skydive Dubai - May 2011

#3- Ireland

Ireland is a country. Almost all type of erosion is located here including physical and chemical. Since its a country in whole, there's too many places to list where erosion happens. I would go here by myself looking for leprechauns.

#4- Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It has physical erosion with water hitting everywhere. The water has slowly made it smaller and smaller over the century. I would go here with my friends and family .

#5- Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is located at the north pole. Physical erosion happens here with wind erosion making the snow mountains. The snow build up makes the huge mountains. I would go here with my family.