Business Ownership

By: Phil Gattorna

Sole Proprietorship

-One owner who runs everything.

-Not a legal entity.

-Income and expenses are all held by one person.

-Registration of a business name is relatively simple.

Example- Landscaper (Arendt's Outdoor Services)


-Business decisions made by board or CEO.

-Multiple locations.

-Large number of employees.

-Mostly restaurants or service-based businesses.

Example- Panera Bread


-Business run by two or more individuals.

-Income split by percentages.

-Business decisions decided by individuals.

-Expenses split between individuals (less work,more expenses, or other agreements)

Example- Warner Bros

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-Corporate office looks over district and distributors.

-MANY employees.

-Usually production-based companies.

-Oriented to please consumers.

Example- PepsiCo

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Non Profit Organizations

-Usually receives donations.

-No profit margin, money goes back into organization/employees.

-Many times church or ministry organizations.

-Extra capital usually goes to expand organization.

Example- Compassion International

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