Come raid with us!

by: Logan & Syndey


our destination is greenland. we are going to iceland to trade items such as silver, silk, spices, wine, jewellery, glass and pottery, and because not very many people have explored greenland

length of voyage

the length of our voyage is about nine months, the reason our voyage will be nine months is, we will be making stops in the western isles and iceland to refill our supplies and repair our boat and sails.

time of year

the time of year we will be leaving for our raid if september, so by the time we get to greenland it will be spring. If we get there in spring all the plants are blooming so that we can find crops that we could take back to our homeland.

necessary traits and weapons of recruits

some traits of recruits that we need are people who can repair our ship and who can bargain with people who sell us supplies so that we don't have to pay as much when we buy supplies. necessary weapons that we will need for our raid are, axes and swords so that we can take out the people who get in the way of our raid.

possible rewards

Some possible rewards that we can get from our raid are, Gold, Animals, Crops and Slaves