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It's a Learning Experience

Happy September and welcome to another edition of The Bird Call!

Recently, the staff at Clever High School participated in a full day of professional development. These opportunities are so valuable as our teachers are pulled in many different directions and chances to focus on individual and collaborative professional growth are rarely available outside of the school day. So, before I go any further, I want to say THANK YOU from everyone here for supporting our need to take this time during a typical school day. You can rest assured knowing that we do not take these opportunities for granted.

One area we focused on during this recent professional development time is our school climate. A quick internet search of "school culture" or "school climate" provides a long list of articles, books, and other resources for anyone looking to learn more. For our purposes though, school climate refers to the school's effects on students. Peter Dewitt, a well-known educator, describes school climate this way: "I've heard leaders say they want to focus on it but there isn't enough time and they can't handle another thing on their plate. This is flawed thinking because school climate is the plate that everything else sits on". The climate allows for the conditions to exist for learning to take place, social and emotional growth, and for you as stakeholders to engage in the school.

The truth is, we don't have all of the answers to our questions surrounding the school climate here at CHS. What we do know is that we have areas where we can improve. Our students deserve the best experience possible during their four years of high school and this requires more than a robust and challenging curriculum. We believe that students who attend and graduate from CHS must be better people than when they started here. This means the climate must focus on tenets that will improve the whole student, well beyond their academic abilities. Academics will always be a priority and our expectations on this will never change. However, the staff agreed that we also want out students to be:









If we are able to combine these traits with academic excellence, then we are preparing our students for success beyond their time here at CHS. It is a big task. Daunting, even. More than that though, it is 100% worthwhile. It will take time to get there and we may never fully accomplish what we are setting out to do. But, that won't stop us from moving ahead full throttle.

We can't do this alone. Our staff, students, and families will need to buy in and believe that this matters and that we can make a positive difference. The message has to be consistent across the board and I have no doubt that as a team, we can create a better opportunity for our students.

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Hickman's Happenings

Our character word of the month for September is Responsibility. Our students are already showing the characteristics of a “Responsible Bluejay” by picking up trash that isn’t theirs in the lunchroom and coming in early to get caught up on assignments before the big test. We are so pleased that this positivity and kindness is being spread around school. So far, we’ve had 23 positive referrals for August and September. If your student has received a positive referral, a note will be sent home along with the positive referral for you to keep.

New Tardy Policy

Our tardy policy has changed from last year to this year. This information listed below is taken from our student handbook. Please make sure you are aware of this change and the consequences for period tardies.

Just as important as attendance is promptness. There will be four minutes between each class before the tardy bell rings for class to begin. A person is tardy if he or she is not in the room and seated when the tardy bell rings - unless permission to be late has been granted by an administrator, teacher, or the nurse.

Tardies are accumulated each QUARTER. Students are expected to be in class when the tardy bell rings. Students arriving after 8:05 a.m. in the morning must report to the office for a pass to class and must sign on the daily in/out form.

Students may be tardy cumulatively three times per quarter without penalty. Once the 4th+ tardy has been reached a discipline referral will be generated from the assistant principal’s office. The penalty for subsequent tardiness is as follows:

4th, 5th, & 6th tardy: one-day after-school detention.

7th and 8th tardy: two after-school detentions.

9th tardy: three after-school detentions.

Subsequent tardies: a minimum of four after-school detentions.

A student will not be considered “in good standing” until all assigned detentions have been served.

A+ News


Make sure you are signing up and taking the October and/or December ACT. If you did not score Advanced or Proficient on the Algebra I EOC, you can still meet the math requirement of the A+ Scholarship. See the list below to see what ACT math subscore your child needs based on their GPA.

17 (ACT Math) or greater and 2.5 (GPA) or greater

16 (ACT Math) and 2.8 (GPA) or greater

15 (ACT Math) and 3.0 (GPA) or greater

Keep checking Canvas for announcements and updates. Included on Canvas is a list of technical and community schools around Missouri that accept the A+ Scholarship. There is also a document called A+ Scholarship 2019. This is a list of 4-year universities offering scholarships for being in the A+ program.

You may begin filling out the FAFSA starting October 1st!

Clever High School Student Handbook

Click here for a link to the 2019-2020 Student Handbook!

Students of the Month

These four students, pictured with the teacher who nominated them for the recognition, were selected as students of the month for going above and beyond in demonstrating the traits of a respectful Bluejay. Congratulations to Karissa Keithley, Rylee Brayfield, Rachel Daniels, and Abby Whiteman!
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High School Parent 101 - Tips and Tricks

Click here for some helpful information on the vaping epidemic from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We encourage you to talk to your student, be informed of what to look for, and reach out to the school if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help and educating our students on the risks is our top priority.

Teens are vaping at an alarming rate across the United States and Clever is no exception. The picture above shows what was confiscated within the first 20 days of school alone. Below, is a quick summary of the harmful byproducts found in the aerosol produced from vaping.

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Mrs. Grant recognized at Regional Teacher of the Year Banquet

CHS's very own, Mrs. Grant, was recognized as one of 12 nominees from the Southwest Missouri region. We are very proud of Mrs. Grant and her contributions to the staff and students are immeasurable.

Opaa! Update

Exciting things are happening in the CHS cafeteria! The students now have eight or more choices each day. As part of the new options, every day we have at least two healthy wrap choices and we have now added "Protein Packs" for those who are wanting to stay away from too many carbs. The students seem to be loving all the choices they get and when we can get the students to eat a healthy lunch, that's when we see better concentration, better grades and happy students!

Seniors Claim the Spirit Stick!

Our first pep rally of the year was held on Friday, August 30th. Student Council organized the event and it was hugely successful. The senior class won the coveted spirit stick and the staff team defeated the four classes in a relay race.
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Counselor's Corner

September is suicide awareness month and CHS students will be completing a suicide awareness training this year. Opt-out forms are available from Mrs. Waisner for any families wishing to withhold their student(s) from this training.

Several College Representatives will be visiting Clever High School. Juniors and Seniors can sign up in the commons.

Mizzou - Sepember 26th @ 8:30

Central Methodist - October 1st @ 11:00

Juniors and Seniors can attend a college fair at Ozark High School on October 4th. Sign up & permission slips are in the commons.

Sophomores are invited to Explore OTC on September 27th. Sign up & permission slips are in the commons.

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Clubs an Organizations

Clever High School offers a variety of extra/co-curricular activities for our students. Now is the time to get involved! Check out the list below for what is offered and who to contact:

Future Teachers of America - Mrs. Neely

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Coach Jones

Science History Club - Mr. Burry

Clever Student Alliance - Mrs. Money

Art Club - Mr. Schmidt

Future Business Leaders of America - Mrs. Lumpkin

National Honor Society - Ms. Lathem

Future Farmers of America - Ms. Miller

Student Council - Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Waisner

Yearbook - Mr. Boyles

Speech and Debate - Mrs. Scheibe and Mrs. Money

Academic Team - Mr. Walker and Mr. McGarry

Spirit Squad - Mrs. Neely

Theatre - Mrs. Scheibe

Math Club - Ms. Strickland

Upcoming Events


24th - Senior Gap and Gown orders are due with payment

27th - OTC Sophomore Days


4th - FFA Farm Fest

5th - Valhalla Marching Band Festival

8th - High School Read-a-Thon

11th - FCA Bonfire

12th - Ozark Mountain Marching Band Festival

14th - Columbus Day: No School

16th - FFA Day on the Farm

18th - Clever Choir Showcase

24th - FFA Area Barnwarming

26th - Neewollah Marching Band Festival

29th - 31st - National FFA Convention

30th - Apollo 11 Night

District Calendar or Events

Click here for a comprehensive list of all upcoming events!

Alumni Spotlight

Name: Haylee Rethman

Hobbies & Interests: reading, writing, volleyball, arts & crafts, going to garage sales

Family: Parents: Bill & Renee Rethman, Fiancé: Tyler Anderson, Pets: Esther the cat & Rudy the mini weenie dog

Current Job: English teacher at Nixa High School

College after CHS: Westminster College (Bachelor of Arts) & University of Missouri (Master's in Education)

Degrees Earned: Undergraduate: Secondary Education, English, & Spanish Graduate: Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum

Extracurricular Activities at CHS: varsity volleyball and softball, Bird's Eye View journalism staff, Future Teachers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society, Art Club, & class officer member

Favorite Class at CHS: It's hard to choose. The ones I remember most fondly (maybe not the material, but the teachers) are upper-level art with Mr. Schmidt, Spanish 4 with Señora Cobb, and Journalism with Mr. Lawson. All of the teachers had a great impact on me and positively influenced me to pursue a career in teaching.

Advice to current CHS students: Take care of yourself, find people who make you a better person and spend your time with those people, enjoy what you do, stay positive, and try to make the world a better place.