Resist DRUGS

Article 1 Title: Problem and Solution for Violence.

Violence is everywhere in schools,homes,neighborhoods,cities,and towns.It goes on all around the world.It happens because of drugs.Also cigarettes. When people stop smoking they get mad real easy.When someone is mad there is bound to be violence and then you come home bruised and beat up because someone stopped smoking.So stop making cigarettes the less cigarettes then less people stop because they never start.

Article 2 Title: Comparing Electronic and Normal Cigarettes

Smoking is a big problem in America.some people say they want to stop so they use electronic cigarettes. electronic cigarettes still have NICOTINE(Nicotine is a drug that makes you get addicted to cigarettes) in them and are still bad for you.Because they still have all the bad stuff going down you throat and in you lungs and all over your body.Then all the bad things in your body pile up and stop the blood flow.Then wham you have a heart attack!

Article 3 Title:Cause and Effect for Drunk Driving

People who like beer and wine are more bound to be in a crash.If you drink beer or wine then you get in a car.Hit the road then you get all dizzy.The world around you spins around and around then you are drunk driving.The effects for drunk driving are death of others or yourself and injuries and jail/prison time.


Nicotine---an addictive drug found in cigarettes

Heart attack---when your heart stops pumping

Drunk---when someone has drunk too much beer or wine

Injuries---when someone is hurt and will have a cast or scar

Jail/prison---a place where criminals go to serve out their sentences

Violence---when someone breaks out and harms people

5 Question Quiz

Nicotine is good for you true false

drunk driving can cause crashes true false

violence is in all of us true false

drunk driving can kill true false

smoking gives you lung cancer true false

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