Upcoming Dates

Some of these events may not apply to everyone!

Upcoming Dates and 3rd Grade Awards Day

May 26th-June 5th- Book Fair

May 29th- K5 Awards 8:30am

June 1st- First Grade Awards at 8:30

June 1st- 5th Grade Graduation

June 2nd- 2nd Grade Awards

June 3rd-3rd Grade Awards 8:30*

June 3rd- Half Day- Dismiss at 11

June 4th- 4th Grade Awards 8:30

June 4th- Half Day- Dismiss at 11

June 5th- Last Day for students- Dismiss at 11

*Third Grade Awards Day will begin in the gym and then will wrap up in the classroom. We will have light refreshments in the classroom after awards. Thank you for allowing me to borrow your children! They are precious!

iPad Collection and Field Day

iPads will be collected on Thursday, May 14th! The charger cable and box, cover and case must be returned!

In order for students to participate in Field Day, all library materials as well as iPad and accessories must be returned before Field Day!