K3 News!

Week of September 7-11

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What did we learn this week?

Have you filled a bucket today?

We are still talking about this AMAZING book!! Talk to your child about being a bucket filler or a bucket dipper. We feel good and happy when we have a filled bucket, and when we fill other people's buckets! Ask your child about ways they can be a bucket filler!! :)

Next Week We Will...

  • Unit: Names and Colors- practice writing names at home!!
  • Letters: a,b,c,d,e
  • Sight words-I, am, can & color words
  • Math: Recognizing a small group of objects instantly (up to 5) without counting and introducing Math Basket Rotations
  • Science: What is a scientist?

Our Schedule Next Week:


Labor Day


P.E Day & Library & Guidance Lesson

** wear tennis shoes!

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E Day

**wear tennis shoes)


E-Time & Family Friday Lunch

SUPER IMPORTANT!!! Monthly Presentations

At the end of each month, your child will be doing a very short oral presentation in front of their peers in our classroom.

Today you will have a bright pink paper in the folder discussing the September Oral Presentation. I will send a separate email outlining what these will look like in our classroom and how you can help your child at home.

Please be sure to look at this paper carefully and let me know if you should have any questions!!

Mrs. Saxon LOVES taking pictures!! Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram @MrsSaxonKinder if you would like to see them and save to your phone!


These two friends were my first MVPs!! So proud of their respectful attitude and how they always help others. Way to go!!

Your child will one day be an MVP too!! Talk with your child how we cheer for each other when they get an MVP, and how we will strive to be our very best in hopes to be an MVP too!! :)

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In order to help our students get to school on time, we are having a grade level competition! The class with the least amount of tardies at the end of the month will have a special surprise from Mr. Hilton!!

A Message from Mrs. Saxon...

We have had a wonderful 2 weeks in kindergarten! We are still learning how to work well with others as well as learning to put on a brave face when we think of our Mommy's and wish they were here :)

We loved having so many parents at Family Friday Lunch today! I"m sorry I didn't have a chance to talk to many of you. In the lunchroom, it is my first priority to make sure students are eating their food and then leaving the lunchroom as quickly as possible before the 1st grade class comes to eat. Dismissal can be a little crazy so we would really appreciate your help encouraging your child to eat quickly so they can join their class again and head to recess. Also, don't forgot to sign out in the front office after you eat with your child.

We have learned SO much!! Enjoy your long weekend. See you Tuesday!! :)

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Mark Your Calendar!

September 10th- Teddy Bear Parade! (More details about this will come next week!)

September 17th- PTO Back to School Night! 6-8pm