February: Be a Communicator

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(Felicia Davis, Allison Long, Elizabeth Stapleton, and Amy Wilson)

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MMS Superpower Highlight: 7th Grade Social Studies PLC

The 7th grade Social Studies PLC is an engaged group that communicates ongoing with each other in order to provide maximum benefit to all the students they teach. When asked about communicating within this PLC - Mr. Mehall, the PLC lead, described their efforts as a "...constant open dialogue. Meetings don't just take place once every other week." Mr. Wright adds, "We can communicate very well and work great with one another, even outside the PLC." This is obvious in the extra mile they each go to develop, collaborate, and communicate lessons " across the line". Mrs. Woodring sums up the 7th Grade Social Studies PLC with these thoughts...


7th grade SS PLC is a fun place to be!

7th grade SS PLC cares & shares.

7th grade SS PLC is innovative.

7th grade SS PLC is interactive & interdisciplinary.

Superpower Highlights

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