Tutor Applications are Due Today!

Peer tutor applications are due by 5:00 PM on 10/25/17.

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Click to Access the Peer Tutor Application!

The application is a Google form, so you can open the link to read over the form before completing it if you wish. The application must be submitted by 5:00 PM EST on October 20th, 2017.

About Recruitment

Most of our current peer tutors are graduating this year, so we are recruiting new peer tutor candidates this fall! Selected applicants will take a 1-credit training course in Spring 2018 before being officially hired and beginning paid tutoring at the Center in Fall 2018. We only recruit as needed, so the earliest our next recruiting cycle would begin would be Fall 2019.

If you are interested in applying to be a peer tutor, please fill out and submit your application by 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday, October 25th. After the application window closes, we will contact selected applicants to schedule interviews. The interviews will likely take place during the week of October 30th, and we hope to make our final selections by Friday, November 3rd. We plan to hire 6-12 new peer tutors.

About Peer Tutoring

The Center's peer tutors are strong writers who enjoy assisting others with the writing process. They come from all different majors and are responsible, reliable, friendly, and flexible.

Peer tutor duties include

  • staffing regular tutoring hours at the Center,
  • assisting peers with different stages of the writing process,
  • visiting classes to introduce students to the Center's services,
  • keeping detailed records of all tutoring appointments, and
  • attending weekly tutor meetings to participate in additional training.

Peer tutoring offers superb experience in writing, teaching, and public relations, and the position serves as an excellent addition to résumés and CVs. Our past peer tutors have included two SMCM valedictorians and multiple Phi Beta Kappa members. After graduating from SMCM, they have been accepted to graduate programs at schools such as Georgetown University, Columbia University, and University of Pennsylvania, and they have pursued careers in fields including law, education, and library science.


Peer Tutors must be
  • current SMCM First-Years, Sophomores, or Juniors in any major,
  • capable writers and thinkers, and
  • responsible, reliable, flexible, and friendly individuals.

The application (see buttons at top and bottom) requires

  • contact information for two non-student references at SMCM,
  • biographical information,
  • a past writing sample, and
  • a brief written response.

We consider GPA as a dimension of the application, but we do not have a strict minimum GPA requirement. The average cumulative GPA for our accepted applicants is 3.72.

We welcome but do not require past tutoring, peer mentoring, or TA-ing experience.

We welcome applicants who have sought tutoring at our Center in the past, but we do not require applicants to complete tutorials.

We require a sense of humor.

About the 1-Credit Training Course

Applicants selected this Fall must take "ENGL 399: Peer Tutoring Practicum" in Spring 2018. This course is only open to students who have been selected through the peer tutor application process, and the students who take it add it to their schedules in the Spring instead of registering for it in advance in the Fall. The meeting time for ENGL 399 is determined by the availability of the students taking it in order to ensure it suits all of their schedules. ENGL 399 is a 1-credit course, and it will be taught by Dr. Ben Click in Spring 2018 and graded as Pass/Fail.

The course covers

  • the history and methodology of writing centers,
  • tutoring goals, strategies, and procedures, and
  • key writing concepts, such as cohesion, coherence, subordination, and coordination.

The course includes

  • group discussion,
  • weekly reading,
  • weekly journal responses,
  • weekly writing concept exercises,
  • tutoring practice activities,
  • tutorial observations and reflections, and
  • a cumulative proficiency exam.*

*Students must pass the proficiency exam before they can be officially hired at the Center.

Click to Access the Tutor Application!

The application is a Google form, so you can open the link to read over the form before completing it if you wish. The application must be submitted by 5:00 PM EST on October 25th, 2017.

Contact Us:

If you have questions about the application or about the Peer Tutor position, please contact Mandy Taylor, Interim Center Director.