Healthy Snacks!

Strawberries with Yogurt

Why is it healthy ?

It's healthy because it doesn't have a lot of calories. It's also healthy because it's fruit and it's something you're supposed too consume in at least one meal.

Benefits of eating strawberries with yogurt:

Yogurt has some medical properties in it to help with your immune system, and strawberries are a fruit which is good for you.

The cost ?

You have two choices when buying this healthy snack. If you buy the pre-made cups of strawberry yogurt it would be $0.89 for a little cup of yogurt or you can buy the strawberries for $2.75 per pound plus the yogurt for $0.89.


You can find strawberries and yogurt at just about any store near you but the most common place to find them would be Walmart.

Why would it appeal to teenagers ?

Because most teenagers when their parents mention healthy eating they jump and hide because they don't want it, but most teens love strawberries and yogurt.

Why do I like it ?

The reason I like strawberries with yogurt is because if i get hungry before dinner it's something small that I can eat with a very good taste and it not fill me up enough to miss dinner but just hold me over.