Summer Jobs

What job should I pick?

By: Priya Parapurath

Which job has a better salary?

I want to apply for a summer job, there are many choices but I want a job that interacts with children. The first job is as a swimming instructor, it pays $10.50/hour plus an additional $4.00 for each child taught. The other job is as a camp instructor, which pays $18/hour plus an additional $2.50 for each child, managed. While going through the job descriptions, I think I can only take care of 6 children. Which job pays better for 6 children managed/taught in 1 hour?

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(Dependent Variable) y = Salary (pay per hour)

(Independent Variable) x = # of kids taken care of

Swimming Instructor: y = 4x + 10.5

Camp Instructor: y = 2.5x + 18

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The two lines intersect at (5, 30.5). This shows that both of the jobs paid the same salary for 5 kids being taken care of ($30.50). This information can be found by graphing or by solving the following:

4x + 10.5 = 2.5x + 18

4x - 2.5x = 18 - 10.5

1.5x = 7.5

x = 7.5 ÷ 1.5

x = 5

After finding x, I need to use the formula y = 4x + 10.5 to find y. I will be substituting x with 5.

y = 4 (5) + 10.5

y = 20 + 10.5

y = 30.5

Therefore x = 5 and y = 30.5. The co-ordinates will be (5, 30.5)

The swimming and camp instructor jobs will both pay $30.50 if I take care of 5 kids. After graphing the data, I have decided to take the job as a swimming instructor because it pays $34.50 per hour for teaching 6 kids, while the job as a camp instructor only pays $33.00 per hour for watching 6 kids.