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I wanted to tell you about an amazing new Software from James Knight called "Link Rocket." I think this one is a MUST HAVE. It just launched so get it while it's hot!

Of course I've included some other really good products too. I told you that I would be working to bring you some really good deals to make you more money online. The products below work especially well with FBFever. I hope this list doesn't disappoint.

Thank you and looking forward to working with (and helping) you!


#1 - Link Rocket by James Knight

James has made over $3924 using this amazing software in under a week.

Every affiliate marketer goes through the same thing. You can't decide which CPA Offer or Affiliate Offer to send your traffic to. You pick the offer that pays the highest amount, thinking that you're going to make a ton of money and...

You can't figure out why you didn't make any sales. Or sometimes even Zero sales.

If only there was a way to split test each offer to find the one that best converts, and send all of your traffic to that one offer. Well, now you can easily send your traffic to the highest paying offers will little to no effort.

Here are some basic features:

  • Easily send your traffic to the highest paying CPA Offers
  • Perform automatic split tests
  • Promote CPA and Affiliate Offers and hide your links so you don't lose commissions
  • Set up the software, and have it running within just minutes of downloading it

#2 - Invisible Optin -- Retargeting on Steroids!

By Gaurab Borah & Tom Yevsikov

Invisible Optin is a step-by-step video course with 6 modules containing 20 videos. It also includes a few cool One Time Offers (OTOs).

OTO 1 - Invisible Optin WP Plugin + Affiliate Case Study

This WP plugin lets you run retargeting campaigns to affiliate offers. Most platforms allow you to run campaigns only to your own offers. With Invisible Optin, you can select any affiliate offer and run re-targeting campaigns to them. An affiliate case study is included to show you step by step how to make the plugin work.

OTO 2 - Faster, Smarter, Better Membership

Discover the real secrets and strategies you need to build a solid six figure + online business. You gain access to a booming membership site with tons of value.

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