Varina High Mentoring Programs

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Our SMART Goals

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How do you save a life?

From the Students

"My #1 supporter." - N. B.

"Hero - like a mentor..." - T.W.

"...wants me to succeed in life." - N.B.

"...would do anything for us." - T.B.

"They keep me on track." - S.S.

"...showing me it is OK to be myself." - N.B.

First, there was one - FMSH

4 years ago, Varina started the Freshman Mentor Study Hall (FMSH) program. The purpose of the program is to target our at-risk 9th grade population (attendance, behavior, and grades). Lessons are centered around study and social skills while balancing time for academic tutoring, grade checks, and skill activities This year's group is our largest with over 30 students of different races, economic backgrounds, GPAs, and school involvement.

Mentor Teachers for 2013/2014 School Year

  • D. Gail
  • J. Gonzalez
  • L. English

Then, came the ladies!

Varina Ladies Nation began when 9th grade teachers noticed the need for specialized attention for the young ladies at Varina. The program started with 5 fabulous females in 2011/2012 and now has 21 leading ladies. They meet twice a month and focus on the ladylike aspects of life such as: eating healthy (SMOOTHIES), being yourself (IMPROV), sharing (gift exchange), physical health (Zumba) and social skills (Peaks and Pits) - just to name a few. If you are looking for a Varina Lady look for the pink and purple shirts!


  • J. Jones
  • A. Walker
  • C. Naumann
  • S. Billups
  • K. Butler

Look out! Here comes an Alpha Male!

This is the first year for the Alpha Male program. Teachers and counselors developed this initiative out of a need for a program that guides and supports students through the transition from boy to MAN. Their young men focus on academics while incorporating athletics. If you are looking for an Alpha Male look for the suit and ties!


  • J. Lynch
  • M. Oliver
  • D. Gail
  • Q. Moore
  • T. Turpin


We are looking forward to a great year with new opportunities. Be sure to visit monthly to see what AMAZING activities our students are completing.


For more information about our programs use the information below. Coordinators - W. Streightiff and J. Jones.