Maverick Minutes

Week of 5/9-5/13

Happy Mother's Day!

Tonight, on a long ride home from Orlando, I realized the amazing mothers I have been surrounded with during my tenure at the Ridge. From our teachers that allow me to share in their joys, sorrows and even those moments when you say, "Mrs. Snyder, I have to leave now...I have to leave and be sitting at the door when one has fallen off the track." You've allowed me to listen to those moments and give me a glimpse into your lives. From my parents that are at PTO looking for every way to assist, to the parents bringing in supplies for athletic teams, to those that are filling our gym every Friday at YCI to see their children give Him all the is breathtaking if you haven't seen it! From the mother that has texted me today who feels as though she is a failure, not realizing that the child needs to feel love more than anything else...and then on a personal note, a selfless act. I watched a mother change the itinerary of her trip this week to see Disney through the eyes of my son for the first time...and I'm sure take her back to a time when her son was seven. She made sure the rides were some he would like, she held his hand...and he often reached for hers although he just met her for the first time this weekend. Each moment was to make sure he was keeping up, never an inconvenience, never a bother... WOW...I hope I am a ounce of some of the mothers I have the privilege to learn from in this building. So, this long stream of conscious writing and run on sentence (it's 2 a.m. on a bus) is to say Thank You HiRMS Moms...Happy Mother's Day!

Team and Grade Level Changes..

With much anxiety and anticipation, I will give out teaching assignments for next year this Friday. First, I want you to know much thought, discussion and collaboration with my colleagues in the district went into consideration. Middle school is the only level where multiple certifications may land you a "mover." In the other grade levels (K-6 or 9-12), we are use to it.

We decided it was time to shake things all the way around the building. We think it is time for a change of pace for all, and we believe and hope that you will embrace the changes professionally and enthusiastically of what we think is best for our students.

First, we made sure to balance the gender on teams to ensure that all teams had men and women. We think that is so beneficial to our students when we can offer that. Next, we looked at data. We looked at PLC data, CFA data, failures and walkthrough data. We looked at what we thought to be a balance of teaching styles and discipline practices. Each move, we tried to make a balance. Finally, we looked at who is always doing the moving. We think if you are dual certified, you will have to take your turn in the rotation cycle.

We cannot predict what vacancies we will have that could cause a change in this schedule. However, the administrative team is excited about the schedule we have created and the teams that are put together. It is a time to explore new team names, new relationships and new learning. Embrace it...don't let it be a need for complacency or complaining....we have much more things pressing.

These moves are set in stone unless a vacancy arrives and I have to look at applicants and current teachers differently. Thank you again for all that you do and your continued support of HiRMS.

Important Dates

5/9, Monday: Girls Conference Track Meet at Winkler MS

5/10, Tuesday: Final day for checking books out for students in the Media Center Boys Track Conference Meet at Winkler MS

5/12, Thursday: HiRMS Field Day

Principal’s Mtg.—Mrs. Snyder

5/13, Friday: HiRMS Field Day (Rain date)

5/17, Tuesday: Spring Band Concert @ HiRMS Gym

5/18, Wednesday: Grade Level Meeting Day

Final Media Center book check in day

5/19, Thursday: Staff Mtg. Day 8:15 in the Band Room

Chairs delivered for Awards Day Program 8-12 or 1-5

5/19 Staff vs. Student Volleyball game all day in the gym.

5/20, Friday: HiRMS Awards Day Program during Encore periods

5/23, Monday: PLC Rubrics to be completed NLT May 27 @ 4PM—Coaches turn into Mr. Shapcott

Awards Day chairs picked up between 8-12PM

5/30, Monday: Memorial Day Holiday—NO SCHOOL


6/1, Wednesday: Grade Level Meeting Day (TBA)

6/3, Friday: 8th Grade Celebration Dance/Dinner—8th grade teachers

6/6, Monday: Polling equipment delivered--polling staff will arrive after school to set up in the auxiliary gym

6/7, Tuesday: Grades due NLT 6/7 9 AM

Congressional Primary -- HiRMS Auxiliary gym all day

6/8, Wednesday: Last Day of School—Early dismissal at 1PM

PTSO Lunch--Mexican Fiesta after dismissal

Final Thoughts...Mrs. Snyder

6/9, Thursday: Teacher Work Day—Capped by HiRMS Administration

Principal’s Mtg.—Mrs. Snyder

Cumulative folders due NLT 1:00 PM

6/10,Friday: Teacher Work Day

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Around the Ridge!

Mrs. Schott's class working on projects for their future!

Where Dreams Come True!

The final field trip of the year ended in Orlando with our 8th grade band students. What a magical experience to be selected to work with collegiate and Disney instructors as our students put their musical talents to a background scene to Tangled! Aside from the park and the attractions, our students worked hours with instructors to demonstrate their talents and learn to improve their craft. So proud of our directors and students on an unforgettable opportunity.

Final Thought...for Moms

Professional photographer Laura Veele often gets asked what kind of camera she uses. Her answer, "I want you to remember, the best camera you will ever have is the one you have on you. Every chance you can, take pictures, make memories, and cherish ever single moment. Even if it's a picture you take with your phone, it may be the most important picture you ever take." I hope all of our mothers... fur-mothers, step mothers, godmothers and all have a wonderful Mother's Day!