5th Grade nEwsLETTER for May

November 15, 2013

Math with Mr. Leipprandt

Math has been all about equivalent fractions and reducing fractions for the last 2 weeks. We have done so many activities to help understand these concepts. It is time to move on, but we will continue to reduce fractions as we learn new concepts. Up next in math, we will be reviewing areas from the 1st marking period which students struggle in. Then we will continue on with fractions and learn about mixed and improper fractions. 5th grade has had 2 math assignments so far, so please see to it that these are turned in or redone. We just took our oral quiz on multiples of 3's today. The next oral quiz will be November 29th on the multiples of 4's.

Science with Mrs. McClintic

In science we are wrapping up our research outlines. Each student was asked to choose an animal they had no knowledge of and research it according to the outline given. We will be using those outlines to write research papers. After they finish their research papers, we will be starting Cells and the Human Body.

Reading with Mrs. Fuhrman

In reading next week, we will be continuing to read The Sign of the Beaver. We are getting pretty close to finishing up the story which ties in nicely with the 5th graders studying Native Americans and Thanksgiving right around the corner. Ask them some questions about the story they are reading in class. Also, they need 8 A/R points for the month of November. Look on Friday’s planner page to find out how many they have so far.

Social Studies with Miss Lange

In 5th grade social studies, we just wrapped up our Native American Unit. We took the test on Wednesday and their grades are written in their planners. We are now getting into exploration of the Eastern Hemisphere. We are covering Europe, Africa, and Asia before the people of the Eastern and Western Hemisphere met. We are discovering the long and difficult voyages that explorers took and how they benefit us today.

Upcoming Events

November 27th-29th Thanksgiving Break

December 12th Christmas Program at 7pm

December 16th-20th Santa's Workshop

December 17th 5th/6th Grade Band Concert at 7pm

December 18th Progress Reports Due

December 20th Frankenmuth Carnival - For those that sold 7 items or more.

Dec. 23rd-Jan. 3rd Christmas Break

Happy Hunting!

Have a good time hunting this weekend! Be SAFE!

2nd Marking Period

As we begin our 2nd marking period, please help your child stay on top of their school work and studying. Look for missing assignments, low assignments, and check planners daily. This will help ensure that your child has a successful marking period.

End of Day Procedures

If you are picking up your child from school, please stand by the office and wait for the bell to dismiss students.