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Casino Papa Updates Reviews of Best Online Casino UK

September 13, 2016 –Casino Papa, one of the leading review websites for Internet based casinos in the UK, recently announced their lists have been updated to include even more gaming and sports betting sites.

“When players want to look for the best online casino UK, they turn to Casino Papa, and we’re happy with the trust players have placed in us,” says Patrick Rooney, company spokesperson. “We are aware that players expect a lot from our site and that is why we update the information on a regular basis.”

The growth of online casino bonus UK has continued unabated, and along with this the number of web based casinos. This has presented a problem for players as comparing one casino to the other can take a lot of time. It is with this situation in mind that Casino Papa went about comparing the biggest sites on the web.

“Over at the site visitors can compare the features of all the major casinos online. Our reviews cover all the major aspects like no deposit bonus, how much cash giveaway a casino offers and other specific features. We also include the welcome bonus so at glance, players will see how much free money they can use to play.”

One of the more popular casinos right now is 32red, and as the information on the site shows, it is one of the best places to be if players want jackpots and bonuses. In addition, Casino Papa has expanded its coverage to include other sites that players and gamers may be interested in.

“Our service is not limited to just one type of game,” Rooney says. “Our reviews include Vegas casinos, poker, bingo, slots, bingo and sports. We also update our list of the most popular sites so players can quickly join in.”

Since Casino Papa was established, it has become the top review guide for casino players in the UK, and the company’s latest update is bound to increase its profile even more. Other online casino review sites are notorious for being outdated, but Casino Papa is always updated with the latest.

“The 32red bonus has really become a big hit with a lot of players, and it’s one of the best examples of how we cater to players’ demands,” Rooney says. “We know they won’t settle for anything less than the biggest jackpots, the best no deposit deals and the top cash giveaways from casinos, and that is what we offer.” For more information please visit the official website at

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