Career Spotlight

Job Description

The job of the phycisist is to understand the natural world. This may include Space too!Physics is a very noble career and many of todays inventions like fusion reacters and lasers come from phycisists. This career can help people to better understand the Universe.

Education And Personality

To be a phycisist you must be strong in math such as trigonometry and calculus. Good in Chemistry and Engineering and of course Physics. A good personality for this job is someone who is curious, imaginative, strong in math, and someone who has good analytical skills.

Some examples of things we get from physics

A Very Rewarding Job

Growth and Wages

With a faster than average growth, Physicists are highly in demand. Physicists earn a median annual salary of $106,360 a year.

Who hires?

Petroleum engineers, Mining engineers, Nasa, and many universityss