Charles Dickens and his time period

By Blake Limesand

Charles as a person.

Charles Dickens was born February 7, 1812. Charles grew up poor and had to work in a shoe polish store to bail his family out of debt prison. Charles married Catherine Tomson and had 10 children with her. Charles died at the age of 68 on June 9, 1870 as a famous author.

What was made in the industrial revaluation.

During the time period the first reliable steam engine was made. Also the cotton gin, telegraph, improved sowing machine, telephone, diesel engine and many more.

The Victoria Era

The Victoria era was from 1837-1901. During that time was also the Industrial Revaluation.


Poverty was a very common thing in the 1800's. The reason was low pay and few jobs. The reason their were few jobs is because the work became eseyer and took fewer people and less time.