Educational Reform

What is the best way of teaching...?

How should schools run?

Should Standardized Tests be banned from school's curriculum?

Standardized Testing: The Pros and Cons
Standardized Tests are just based on the moment. The moment in which the students sit and take the test. A concept based on memorization and not the actual learning... What is exactly the point of having standardized tests? To show how effective and successful one's memorization was? Or to show one's knowledge of history?

Standardized tests are an unreliable measure of student performance...

Types of Models

What is homework? How should students be graded? And how should classes run?

TAPPING our potential to its fullest is a term used by William Tolley to describe the students and teacher's success in the world history class. This is done with three types of aims: Theory Aims, Aspect Aims and Professional Aims. These aims must be accomplished daily, in order to develop an understanding of history and to exceed students' potential. The term homework, then becomes relevant (check out here). However, this was a system adopted in the History Course in particular.

Flipped classrooms are another option, chosen by some schools and courses, in which students practice in class and review the content at home.

Other models, include the Swedish Educational model, in which classes are runned in an entertaining environment; whereas students are independent learners and teachers simply guide them throughout the course. Students access videos, college "classes" and among other works to enhance their basic knowledge of subjects and to interact with outside influences. In addittion, there are no classes in the school and just rooms to study.

Now, again, should Standardized Test be part of student's life and development?