Dream Research Project

By: Mercedes Preston Period: 4

Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Total Cost of Trip:


Did You Know...

- Amsterdam has a surprisingly high crime rate

- About 25,000 bikes end up in Amsterdam's canals every year

- Amsterdam residents are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world.


Arrive at the Canal Hotel

Ring the room service bell

make some tea

maybe some Nestle

Chill and listen to Adele

Visit the Anne Frank House

Find the book shop and browse

go to the cafe

order a latte

I hope i don't see a mouse

Make it to the concertgebouw

i hope it's a good show

take a tour

maybe premature

If i get caught, I don't know

Then to the Stedlijik Museum of Art

Wonder if I'll see a purple heart

it's a bit pricey

maybe a little dicey

At the restaurant I'll eat a tart

Next I'll head to Oosterpark

I might see a baby lark

take a picnic

slip on an oil slick

Now all I'm seeing is dark

Grab a bite to eat at Toscanini

Maybe I'll have a plate of linguini

I stuff myself

To the highest shelf

Room for more food I don't have any

To the Strand West Beach I go

As I watch the water flow

I think of home

Look at the sea foam

I miss my family more than they know


My Lovely Parents,

First I would like to refresh your memory, on all the things I've done this year. I've gotten mostly A's. I haven't caused any trouble... this year.And I haven't asked you for much, unlike most kids.Because of these reasons, I think I should go to Amsterdam. It would be a great cultural experience for me, and i would be able to learn so much. I'll only be gone for a week, and I promise that i will check in at least twice a day.You guys could also benefit.I wouldn't be bothering you with my teenage stuff. And I promise that I will do the whole families laundry for 3 months. And buy dad like a million games for his PS4. I hope you guys will consider this.

Your Favorite Daughter,