Lets Split!

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is when chromosomes move to opposite ends of the cell which makes the cell split in two daughter cells.


This is the first step of mitosis. The DNA material splits in two equal amounts and the chromatin condenses and the nucleus disappears.
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Chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell like a wall.
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Chromosomes move away from the center of the cell and start moving towards the poles of the cell.
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Final step of mitosis which pulls the cell apart into two identical daughter cells.
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Mitosis in full motion!

The picture below shows mitosis moving from one step to another.
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Why is Mitosis important?

Mitosis is important because it repairs and produces new cells for your body. If we did not have that we may have holes in our skin! You gotta thank mitosis for making new daughter cells because your skin fights off diseases and protects your organs.