12M Christmas Quiz!

A merry mess of festive frivolity!

Round One: Festive Films

To get you warmed up, name the seasonal screen gems.

One point per title.
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Round Two: Who's behind the white beard?

Name the famous sportswoman or man in their Father Christmas disguise.

One point per picture.

Round Three: 'Frost' in Translation (No, I will not ask you to excuse my awful pun!)

Name the song which has been filtered through the thoroughly accurate Google Translate.
One point for the song, one point for the language.

  1. Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht Alles ist ruhig , alles ist hell Runde yon Jungfrau, Mutter und Kind Holder Knabe , zart und mild Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh , Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh.
  2. Petit âne , petit âne sur une route poussiéreuse Obtenu de garder sur laborieux partir avec votre précieux chargement
  3. Semel in regia civitate David , Pecorum , qui effusus est a humilis stetit , Si mater infantem positum , In praesepio quia in lectulo Maria autem erat, quia mitis mater , Iesus Christus infans.
  4. Gettando attraverso la neve In un un cavallo slitta trainata O'er i campi andiamo Ridere tutto il senso Campane sull'anello code bob Fare spiriti luminosi Che cosa è divertente per ridere e cantare Una canzone stasera slitta.
  5. Away i mainséar é, gan aon crib do leaba , A leagan ar an beag Tiarna Íosa síos a cheann milis . Na réaltaí sa spéir geal fhéach sé síos nuair a leagan sé , An Íosa tiarna beag ina chodladh sa féar
  6. O Datang Semua Kamu Yang Setia Gembira dan berjaya , O datang kamu , hai kamu datang ke Betlehem . Datang dan melihat -Nya , Dilahirkan Raja Malaikat ; Ya mari kita memuja -Nya , Ya mari kita memuja -Nya , Ya mari kita memuja -Nya , Kristus Tuhan.
  7. In de sombere midwinter , ijzige wind maakte kreunen , aarde stond hard als ijzer , water als een steen ; sneeuw was gevallen , sneeuw op sneeuw, sneeuw op sneeuw, in de sombere midwinter , lang geleden.
  8. O pequeña ciudad de Belén , Cómo todavía te vimos mentira! Por encima de tu profundo y sin sueños sueño, Las estrellas silenciosas pasar. Sin embargo, en tu calle oscura resplandece La Luz eterna . Las esperanzas y los temores de todos los años Se cumplen en ti esta noche.
  9. Dec neuaddau gyda brigau o gelyn, Fa la la la la , la la la la. Tis ' y tymor i fod yn hwyliog, Fa la la la la , la la la la.
  10. Kami ng tatlong hari ng Orient ay Bearing regalo namin tumawid sa malayo . Field at fountain , magpugal at bundok , Sumusunod na yaon bituin

Round 4: More Merry Movies.

Same drill; name the film.

One point per title.
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Round 5: Seasonal Stumpers

Solve these 'stockingly' hard Christmas problems and puzzles! (Again, my puns are fine...)

Four points each!

Round 6: Singing Santa's

Which Christmas Crooner is incognito as a lyrical laplander?

One point per artist or group.

Round 7: The History of Christmas (according to the BBC!)

Sum up your knowledge of Christmas traditions, customs and folklore!

One point per question.

Round 8: A musical interlude

Try and identify the Christmas tune from the first 10 seconds of each track (20 songs).

One point per artist; one point per song title.

Round 9: A Kris Kringle by any other name...

Match the name and the country that has this moniker for Jolly Old Saint Nick.

One point per country.

  1. Papai Noel
  2. Viejo Pascuero
  3. Dun Che Lao Ren
  4. Kerstman
  5. Bapa Natale
  6. Pere Noel
  7. Weihnachtsmann
  8. Kanakaloka
  9. Mikulas
  10. Babbo Natale
  11. Hoteiosho
  12. Julenissen
  13. Swiety Mikolaj
  14. Ded Moroz
  15. Jultomten

Chile, Netherlands, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, China, France, Japan, Hawaii (I know, not a country!), Russia, Brazil, Germany, Hungary and Poland.

Round 10: And finally...have another beardy mystery.

Name the movie stars, actors, thespians and directors hidden behind their snowy white facial fuzz and jovial red caps.

One point per star.