Pieces of Eight

Tech Treasure #3.....12/17/14


What is Canva.com?

Canva is an easy to use, intuitive tool for design both by the beginner and modest graphic designer. In just a few steps you can produce a beautiful invitation, card, poster, business card, blog graphic, Pinterest image, and many more design type. Free account sign up and 100% free to use. No software to download or install.

  • Many pre-made designed layouts
  • Free graphics or $1 Premium graphics
  • Plug in your own words
  • Upload your own images
  • Alignment guides
  • Search lots and lots of options
  • Begin a project, save, and return to edit
  • Share via a link or Download as an image or pdf
  • Option of allowing others to shar in the editing

Ideas for Educational Use

  • Create mini-posters for class or school
  • Students can create covers from their portfolios
  • Design infographics for research projects
  • Create flyers for classroom or school events
  • Even create presentations by adding multiple pages
  • Students can design their own blog graphics
  • Use as an option for book reports - design persuasive posters
  • Note: Parent permission is required for students under age 13.