Can you DIG IT AL(L)?

December 2nd Faculty Meeting


Zaption is a website tool that enables teachers to embed multiple choice or open ended questions into a single video or multiple videos spliced together. Questions pop up as students are watching the video and give teachers real-time feedback to check for student understanding.

Crystal Morgan

Google Classroom Chat

This forum gives students a place to post and share evidence to support a claim with their classmates during a speaking and listening activity (debate, mock trial, socratic seminar).

Debbie Tierney and Caitlin Boles

Google Forms

Google Forms can be used to create formative assessments to guide instruction. The immediate results help teachers create flexible groups that address student needs.

Leah Esposito

Lingtlangauge is an online site that allows the teacher to present a written topic, oral recording, picture or video to the students. The students are then able to respond individually, orally or in writing to the topic via lingtlanguage.

Rebecca Tate


Education can be used to create tutorial videos that students can watch as enrichment or support. Through a short informative Educreation video created by the eighth grade math teachers, you can see this app in action.

Marie Jowdy and Kara Mendes

Creating video with iPads and iPhones

Create teacher videos to personalize learning and to enhance the intelligently engaged in your classroom.

Jody Tinios and Keri Swenson


Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3-12. Over 400 Gizmos aligned to the latest standards help educators bring powerful new learning experiences to the classroom.

Herb Perlman and Patti Kunz


Curriculet is an interactive teaching tool that embeds multimedia, annotation, and formative assessment directly into a pre-selected or manually uploaded text! Import a poem, short story, or excerpt from a novel. Afterwards, create open-ended or text-dependent questions that can be "tagged" for grade-specific standards. Upon student completion, Cirriculet will record on task time, correct and incorrect answers, and progress towards individualized goals. This can be used with excerpts from novels from the website, or documents uploaded by the teacher. Enjoy!

Allison Antonucci


Thinglink makes images come alive with video, text, websites, etc. ThingLink allows students/teachers to use an image from the web or from the computer and add links and information. It can enhance any teacher or student created presentation.

Cathy Emerick


Piktochart is a free infographic tool that students can use to create brochures, flyers or posters, to which they can add various multi-media elements and select different presentation modes. For this assignment, students conducted a mini-research project on a historical element named in Billy Joel’s song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” analyzed the significance of the event, idea, innovation, or individual, and used Piktochart to share their information and analyses in a grade-wide gallery walk. Students incorporated vital technology skills they will need for their future in creative and engaging ways while building their skills in research and writing.

Julia Taborsak


With Nearpod, you can create and download interactive multimedia presentations that you share with your students. Your students interact and submit responses through any mobile device or computer. This allows you to collect and share student responses instantly and to track student comprehension in real time.

Clem Hollopeter

Technology in Education