Friday Focus

Creativity Part Deux

Components of Creativity

Karlyn Adams argues that, "Motivation, in addition to foundational knowledge and thinking skills, is essential to creativity (see below). The creative person is intrinsically motivated (that is, moved by the work itself and not by some external recognition or reward), with a passion for his or her field. Energy and persistence are central to creative accomplishment, as is self-confidence. "

So my question to you is - how motivated are you? Is there something I could do to help motivate you? Let me know.

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9/9 IEP Training (Johnstone, Pinkston)

9/10 ELAR meetings with Janie (conferences)

9/11 Deadline for Self Report

9/15 Math Night

9/15 6th Grade GT

9/16 Science Planning

9/16 5th Grade GT

9/17 Math Planning

9/21 Coffee with the Principals

9/21 RTI Meetings

9/21 5th and 6th grade GT Field trip

9/23 Social Studies Planning

9/24 ELAR Planning

10/5-10/9 Homecoming Week

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