Technological Innovations

By: Rishika V., Reegan P., Zhaohui M.


The MRI scan is a medical device that uses a magnetic field and the natural resonance of atoms in the body to obtain images of human tissues. The basic device was first developed in 1945, and the technology has steadily improved since. With the introduction of high-powered computers.

The CAT scanner is made up of three primary systems, including the gantry, the computer, and the operating console. The gantry assembly is the largest of these systems. It is made up of all the equipment related to the patient, including the patient support, the positioning couch, the mechanical supports, and the scanner housing

where was the MRI scan invented

It was invented by Paul C. Lauterbur in September 1971

CT was invented in 1972 by British engineer Godfrey Hounsfield of EMI Laboratories

How it led to change

The CT scans and MRI scans have helped many people from sprained ankles to cancer get diagnosed for their problem and has saved many lives. However it has not created much of a change in terms of resources, where people live or person to person interaction.

Impact on globalization

The technology is one of many that is being used and shipped all across the world, because of its use hospitals in almost every country have interchange with the MRI and CT scans.