Javontae Rhoades

September,14,2013 we was having a family day at the park. We was there to like 10:30 am to like 9:45 pm. We had a lot of fun, my brother was not fighting an my little sister was my crying, everybody was just having fun. Into the funniest thing in the world happen to me. I was telling my mom I wanted to take a walk to get my energy back an she said ok.

It was dark as a black whole, and it smell like burned fire. I was trying I find out what was it coming from. So as I was walking down the dark spooky path, in I seen something flashing from a little farm house. Something was telling me to go over there but I was like no because I am by myself. So I finally run back to the park to tell everybody what I seen and I look up, it was like I was talking to ghost.

then I looked at my phone it was on 1%, so I trying to call my mom before my phone died. It took my mom like ten minutes just for her I pick the phone up. the whole time im thinking she just left me out to died. An then I was starting to walk back home because my phone died, so I just walked to the store that I seen in a pasting view when we was on the way there. So I finally used the phone to call my mom back to tell her were I was at.

And she told me that she was no her way an hang up the phone. I was sitting at that store for like 25/30 minuets. then my mom pulled up, like she was looking for me the whole time. So wen I get in the car I said mom I think you forgot about me she said she ever did. And I said ok, then she said were did I want to eat from.

So I told her I wanted to at cookout, an she said ok son. So when we got to cookout I jumped out the car like, I seen the something I really wanted. When after I came from inside cookout, it was like my mom can read my mind, she was already had the car stared. So when I walked to the car and she told me to drive home. My heart was beating like your best song on the radio. the moment I went inside the house I was all ready falling asleep, the next time I open my eyes it was the next day.