NOW Foundation

National Organization for Women Foundation

Taking Action for Women's Equality Since 1966

Purpose of NOW

National Organization for Women Foundation works together with National Organization for Women to better the status of women in many different areas including reproductive health options, work salary, and education. They also work to empower women not just in the United States, but also in countries all around the world; their goal is to get equality and awareness of women all over the world.

What NOW Does

NOW Foundation have many projects that are aimed to support and spread awareness about their cause. One of their projects is their "Love Your Body" project; which is aimed to make women, especially of the younger generation, ignore the standards that is given about their bodies at a young age and to love your body whether or not you meet the "right" standards. "Global Feminism" is also a project that the NOW Foundation has created for women to become more apart of political situations and stop gender discrimination in jobs. This is a very important project because this is not just being advocated in our country but also in other countries especially the ones that have an inbalance of power in gender.

How NOW Gets Its Name Out There

NOW Foundation sponsors many events in many different areas across the world. These events include walks, runs, and other high profiting events to bring in donations and volunteers. NOW foundation also has a donation and 'get involved' spot on its website.

Leave A Legacy for Women

Leaving a legacy for women is a way for others to get involved in the NOW Foundation. Join the 'Visionary Circle' and help out with different events for NOW Foundation.

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