Digital DNA

By Anthony Gladden

How My Day Starts out

Everyday i use my phone as an alarm to wake me up. If it wasn't for my phone i would not wake up every day in time for school or work. I rely on my technology to start my day out right.

My girlfriend

Everyday when I wake up while still laying in bed i check to see if my girlfriend texted me. If she didn't i send her a good morning text. I do this daily before I do anything else. Then throughout the day we text a good 200-400 times depending if we hang out that day or not.

Music and quiet time

The only quiet time i could potentially have is when I am in my car by myself driving some where. Although its not quiet because I use the blue tooth on my phone to connect to the radio in my car, and i bump with my subs. The opportunity cost would be having a few minutes of actual quiet time.

No news for me

Instead of wasting my time watching the news waiting for the weather to come on. I just check the weather app on my phone. Its very convenient and only takes a few seconds and I know the weather and what i should wear that day.


Apple has changed my life completely and how I do everything. I have an apple IPhone and an Apple Mac Book pro as my computer. From the time i wake up till the time I go to sleep i use some kind of Apple technology. My laptop and phone are my everything.


SkyDrive is the system at school at which I save all my work. Its very convenient because I can save all my work at school and go home and access it. The article "Is the web Driving Us Mad?" talks about how bad the internet is, but this SkyDrive is so easy to use and helps me get all my work done. Its so much easier to type a paper than write it out. Especially if your hand writing is as bad as mine is.

My Phones GPS

I put my address in my phone, and i can tell it to remind me to do things when i get home. It uses GPS location to know when i arrive home, and it'll make a beeping sound and a reminder will pop up on my phone. It makes it easy to for me to do my home work. Other wise i would forget.


I use my phone and computer to play games when I get bored at school or home. Snake is my favorite game to play when I am at school on my laptop. It does have an opportunity cost though. I could be doing home work, or actually paying attention in class. I play games 10 times in one day on my phone or computer.

NFL Sunday!

My favorite day of the week is sunday. I don't have time to watch every football game. Let alone a TV to watch the games. With this app you can look at the game times, scores and high lights around the league. Its really a life saver for me who loves football. I use it all day while i am at work to keep up on football!

Night Time

Every night before i go to sleep I face time my girlfriend. Face time is a video chat on my phone or computer. I face time her everyday. Some times for hours on end. My phone is how i start my day out and how i finish it.

Pros and cons Of technology

My technology both has pros and cons. Pros- I can talk to my girlfriend all the time. I always wake up on time and get my home work done. I can easily access the weather and NFL football. I can enjoy my car ride to school or where ever i am going. My school work was made ten times easier by having a laptop.

Cons- I rely on technology to much. I would be in a lost world if it all suddenly stopped working. I waste a lot of time daily with my technology. I have zero quiet time during the day. lastly if some one wanted to know where i was they could easily track my phone....