Twinkle Twilight Amber Alert

By Zoe Barron

Meet Twinkle Twilight

Twinkle Twilight is 14 months old and was taken by child protective services earlier this year in June. Her mom, Vicki Lynn Miles, still gets to visit her at her foster home in fort worth

Sunday Night

While Vicki was visiting Twinkle Twilight on Sunday she went missing. Late Sunday night our phones shined bright in our face as a alarm went off, it read Amber Alert.

Some Pictures

The resolution

What happened?

On Monday morning some one called the police and said they think Twinkle Twilight was at one of the houses on Hanger street in fort worth. They went door to door and sure enough the found Twinkle Twilight with Vicki Lynn Miles. They did a lot of interviews and the neighbor didn't know that this was a missing child. They also interviewed a guy named Dixon who said that Vicki was messed up but not when it came to her kids.