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Author: Briana Contributors: Jesus and Evalyn


An untimely death hit young Mercutio hard, when the ruthless Tybalt provoked him to a duel. Passionate Romeo, attempted to simmer down the furious Tybalt, by telling him that they were friends and reminding him how the Prince expressed they would be put to death if further quarrels continued. Despite caring Romeos efforts, Tybalt is undaunted and begins the fight. Romeo then attempted to separate valiant Mercutio from Tybalt’s mighty blow, but failed as under Romeo’s arm Mercutio was struck by the infamous sword. A fellow civilian describes the altercation: “Mercutio kept his humorous outgoing personality, up to his death." Mercutio stated: "They have made worms' meat of me: I have it, and soundly too: your houses!." Unfortunately, his sense of humor was destroyed with a draw of a sword.


Romeo experiencing Tyablt's unwanted behavior and Mercutio's jocular side remarks, seems to attempt to restore the peace and discard the altercation between the two.

When Tybalt, angrily storms back into the scene, Romeo draws his sword and gives Tybalt the punishment he was going to recieve anyhow, death. The reward for his squabbles was received. As a result of his justice, Romeo was banished from Verona and was to be executed if he were to return.