Immigration Canada.

its what you need

Critera Needed for entry

This is how you get in to our wonderfully establishment.. :)

Good health standing

We want you here....

You should come to Canada for its safe country environment where everybody has the right to be safe and feel safe around everybody in our fine country. Also you should come for the free healthcare and instant service in ten hours or less. We support a democracy government style where every and anyone can run for a seat and have a chance to change Canada for the better. We are on job shortage and we would like to employ you and we want you to work to boost our work force capacity. I hope you oblige and come to our fine country.


There is many things required to get into Canada but not as many as there were back then... here are the requirements to get into Canada.

Hence the fact that you are an economic immigrant you need to meet a certain criteria to get in like.

  • 1your education;
  • 2your abilities in English and/or French, Canada’s two official languages;
  • 3your work experience;
  • 4your age;
  • 5whether you have arranged employment in Canada; and
  • your adaptability.
  • 6Do you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants when you arrive in Canada?
  • 7Are you involved in criminal activity, human rights violation or an organized crime group?
  • 8You need at least one full year of work experience