Credit Card CyberSecurity

By Elvin Mun and Ethan Hill DigLit Period 3

What is Credit Card Cybersecurity

The driving question is how can we raise awareness about credit card hackers so people can be more careful online. Credit card hackers are hackers that hack your credit card online. They do this by hacking your bank account or knowing your credit card number. The reason we pick this topic a few months ago Elvin's dad got his bank account hacked and they lost a ton of money.

Is My Credit card Safe?

Here is some information about credit card cyber security. The way the hackers hack is by making a fake webpage that ask you about your credit card information. (like Ebay or Amazon) There is a way to notice if it is fake by seeing the address box if it has http instead of https. They can also get your credit card by knowing your credit card number then pretending to be you on your online bank account. This is such a big problem president Obama made October cyber security awareness month.

Our Opinion

"Cyberspace touches nearly every part of our daily lives." -Obama. In our opinion this quote is right. We mostly rely on the internet like shopping, jobs, and typing. So that means more of a chance of being hacked and losing money. So please be more careful online or if you don't you'll be most likely homeless.
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