Friday Flash

Friday, January 14, 2013

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Goodbye To Ms. Jewel- 1/16, 3pm

Please meet in the staff room to say goodbye to Ms. Jewel on 1/16 after school in the staff room. There will be cake!


This week….

1/15: Professional Development 2:30-3:30pm, P-7

1/22 School Site Council

1/23 PTA Meeting

SRI Testing

We will be able to do the testing on the iPads again this round. Testing cycle is from January 6 to February 14. The assessment department is making sure that the iPads are ready to go . Stay tuned for next steps.

Math Training- Assessment for Learning Flyers

More info. in your box. This is the training that Tom has been attending. You will be stipended and get dinner. Tom has found it highly beneficial.

Buy Back Day- 1/31

We will be at Montclair for 1/2 the day doing our math pilot training on the next curriculum we will try. The second 1/2 of the day is to be determined. I'll let you know the agenda ASAP.

Common Core For Parents….

1/23 PTA Meeting- Common Core Focus

2/7 OUSD Common Core state standards parent summit, 10am to 2pm, Lakeview Auditorium, 746 Grand Ave. Childcare, Translation, and Lunch provided


Student Supervision

Reminder: If students are working in the hallway, please keep your door open and check on students periodically. In addition, having students outside the classroom unsupervised is not an appropriate behavior consequence. Please talk to me if you have any questions.

Yard Duty Reminder

Please be on the yard/ front of school for your yard duty assignment or am/pm duty.

You are legally responsible for the children you are supervising. If you are late and a child is injured, you and the school can be held legally responsible.

Do not release your students to the yard if you do not see anyone on the yard. Student safety has to be our number priority.

Facilities Issues

Mr. Fudge and I are continuing to work on the issues of the rodents and the heat. Please keep me posted with any evidence you have of either issue so that I can relay this to our district office staff.

Glenview Construction Update

The project authorization for the Glenview Remodel goes before the school board this month. Once that is approved, we will have more information on timeline and next steps. We hope to have more information next month.

Library Update

Ms. Martin (Bethany) is still waiting to be trained by the library coordinator. She was scheduled to receive training this week, but the coordinator was ill. She is hoping to be trained next week so that we can resume regular library hours. Thanks for your patience.

Looking Ahead...

1/28 OCC show @ school, time TBD, this will NOT be during the oratorical fest this year

1/14: PBIS Planning day (Havenar, Wong, Salvatore, Sullivan, Toller, Hogan)

1/22- MLK Jr. Oratorical Fest