Samuel Sosa

By: Mason McSpadden

Sammy Sosa

Samuel Sosa Peralta is a retired professional baseball player. Samuel's nickname is Sammy which he prefers to go by. Sammy was born November 12, 1968 in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.

Early Life

Sammy did not have a pleasant child hood, with his father passing away when Sammy was just 7 years old. His family lived in a abandoned hospital while Sammy sold oranges and shined shoes to provide money for his mother and 6 siblings.


Sammy started playing baseball at the age of 14 but has to use a branch instead of a bat, an old milk carton as a glove, and a sock rolled up as a ball. Sammy's talent for the game were very evident at an early age. Sammy was just 15 when the Philadelphia phillies attempted to sign him but were disallowed as Sammy was to young. Sammy decided to go play in local leagues and a year later in 1985, a Texas Rangers scout by the name of Omar Minaya signed him to his first contract with the Texas Rangers. Sammy made his first major league debut on June 16, 1989 against the New York Yankees. Sammy hit his first major league home run against Roger Clemens on the Boston Redsox 3 games later.