The Bourne Identidy

Writen by Andrew Harrison

A picture of jason Bourne

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Jason`s story

Jason Bourne a former member of a CIA like organization has amnesia and tries to figure out who he is and what he does. But he later finds out that he had failed a mission to assassinate a rich man on a Yacht but he did`t shoot the man instead he was shot a few times by the rich man and is thrown overboard. He is later presumed dead, but a fishing boat finds him and takes him back to shore. He is later taken to a hospital were his wounds are treated. But when having the wounds treated the doctor notices a light in his skin he cuts the light out and finds a chip that has a combination of numbers but what could this mean.

what the number combination means

The number combination that was on the chip in his skin turns out to be a combination to a safety deposit box. When he comes to the bank the lady at the desk gives him a clue to what his name is (he does not know what his name is yet) and that clue is J Bourne so he knows his last name but not his first name.

Whats inside

When Jason goes and looks in the safety deposit box he finds money And some passports and those passports hold his name and he sees that his first name is Jason.


Jason kidnaps a women who tries to run away but he keeps her with him because he has a gun. He uses her to pretend to be his wife so the assassins would not suspect him. When Jason Goes into a mans house to get information Jason kills the man but is shot in his temple but he was not killed because it was just a graze. But when in his car he goes unconscious and the women runs away and runs into the assassins were she tells them all about Jason.

Attempted assassinasination.

Jason is being chased by assassins because he failed a mission and the organization that he formally worked for kills anyone that fails a mission. He is also being chased by cops because he killed the assassins.