Come to Delaware !

By: Casey, Gabbi and Quinn

Why was Delaware founded?

Delaware was founded for a few reasons. One reason is they wanted to expand trade across waters. Also they sent out a charter for more people too find new lands. That's why Delaware was founded.

All About Delaware

What is Delawares economics

Delaware has many economics. Some are including, great farming with rich soil and their great in fishing and growing corn for fall harvesting. The agriculture was made with poultry, soy beans, strawberry's, dairy products and watermelon.

Delaware River

The image above shows part of Delawares geography. It shows the Delaware River.

Delawares Founder

Delaware was founded by the Dutch West India Company.

Geography of Delaware

In Delaware the climate changes through out the year which is good for farming. Delaware also has a wide variety of vegetation for farming and better land. Delaware also has the Delaware River and the Atlantic coastal forest in the southern part. It also has about 200+ ponds and lakes. Having lakes and ponds by helps a lot with farming and more. Delaware has great geography.

Delaware's Religion

Some of Delaware's religions are mainly Jewish and Catholic. About 35% of Delaware is Catholic and about 43% were catholic. As for tho other religions they weren't as popular as Jewish and Catholic. That's some of Delaware's Religion.

Delaware's Government

They call Delaware the diamond state.Delaware starting government was stable and strong. Delaware became a state in 1776 just two month after the Declaration of Independence was signed. Then, in 1777 the state capital was moved from New Casel. Delaware's first constitution was adopted in 1792. The current Constitution that we use today was made in 1897. That was some of Delaware's government.

Who founded Delaware and why?

Delaware was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit from the Dutch. The major industry that they were founded for was agricultural fishing and manufacturing in lumber. That's why Delaware was founded.