Kitchens Now, Then & Later

By: Jess & Kelly

Kitchens Nowadays

Nowadays, kitchens are more modern and efficient. The cooking, cleaning and washing has become easier over the past few years. It is more accurate and have more useful resources, such as ovens, heaters, dishwashers, etc.

Kitchens in the Olden days

In the olden days, kitchens were very simple and were just used for mainly one thing, cooking. Their cooking was very basic since technology hadn't been advanced yet.

Futuristic Kitchens

In the future, we think that kitchens will expand bigger than a house altogether. Kitchens will be more high tech and in a wave of a hand your meal will be ready. Although it will be more complex, it'll make families more happy and make it easier for them.

Improvements in Kitchens

Kitchens have improved in many ways.

- More lighting for the kitchen

- More space for the family

- More modern kitchens

- Less work for parents

- More easier to travel around the kitchen.